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Nibbling Machine


As one of the renowned manufacturers and exporters we are involved in providing a qualitative range of Nibbling Machines to our valued clients so that they can find the best product from the market. These machines can be used in Sheet metal cutting solutions, nibbling cutting attachments, jigsaw attachments etc. The Paradise Pn series Sheet Metal Nibbling Machine is a rugged, sturdy & reliable multipurpose machine capable of many sheet cutting & forming operations.



Tools are available for straight cutting, figure cutting (contour cutting) and circle cutting operations. The shearing length per cut is small and there is no wastage of materials.

Slot Cutting

is a done with a double-edged cutting tool, which avoids warping of sheets. Suitable for parting of sheets, cutting small strips and slots. The upper tool has to be changed for each slot width while the bottom tool is adjustable.


is a forming operation used for the stiffening (providing strength) of sheets.


is forming operation very commonly used on sheet metal parts. 00 to 900 flanging is possible by chaning the lower tool only. 2 to 3 passes are generally required & intermediate annealing may be necessary in some cases to get the correct angle of flange.


is possible with special punch and die sets. Round & square holes such as needed for fixing lamps or push buttons etc on panels can be produced on these low tonnage machines by providing a shear on the punch.


Notching is a continuous punching operation with a square punch and die. It is used mainly for producing internal rectangular cutouts. The tool cuts in two directions and the edges produced are clean.

Louver Cutting

is a combined shearing and forming operation. The sheet is first cut and then the louver is formed with the formong part of the tool. The length of louvers produced is independent of the length of the tool. This operation as well as beading, folding and flanging are completed in 2 to 3 passes. After every pass the tool is fed further towards the sheet with the help of a hand wheel.


is also forming operation and by double folding, channels may be made for housing of electrical writing etc.

Dishing or Peening

is a mechanical hammering operation used for forming dished parts like tank bottoms. The quality of dishes formed depends on the skill of the operator.

Circle Cutting (Inside)

The attachment is capable small holes cutting from 100mm dia upto 75% of the throat depth of machine.

Circle Cutting (Outside)

The attachment is capable for large circle cutting


  • HPSM MACHINE is best suited for small batch production or when cost of press tools and dies are very high.
  • It enhances quality and productivity by doing such jobs which used to be done by skilled men and various hand tools
  • The machine has eliminated expensive trimming dies from many modern workshops. Fabricators, Control Panel manufacturers, Cabinet & vehicle body makes, fan & impeller industry in addition to many other find it a most valuable asset.
  • The capabilities indicated below are for mild steel, the machine is often used for many other materials as well.

Standard Accessories

  • Tow slides for attachment mounting
  • Set of tool holders with figure cutting bits
  • Electric Motor
  • Push button starter provided with over load trip.
  • Set of operating keys
  • Set of operating spanners
  • Filler gauge

Optional Accessories

  • Anti vibration pads
  • Hand pushed straight feeding attachment
  • Circle cutting attachment (Inside / Outside)
  • Nibbling tool
  • Beading tool
  • Rectangular notching tool
  • Dishing tool
  • Flanging tool
  • Slot cutting tool
  • Punching tool
  • Folding tool
  • Ball top table
Technical Specifications
Capacity Model
HPS-3 Mild Steel 45 kg. / mm2 HPS-3 Mild Steel 45 kg. / mm2 HPS-3 Mild Steel 45 kg. / mm2
Shearing Straight Cutting From the edge mm 3.2 5 8
Inside with starting hole mm 3.2 5 8
Sheet without starting hole mm 2.5 4 6
Nibbling From the edge mm 2.5 4 6
Inside with starting hole mm 2.5 4 6
Sheet without starting hole mm 2 3 4
Rectangular Notching Sheet thickness / width of slot mm 2/8 3/10 4 / 12
Figure Cutting Sheet thickness mm 2 3 5
Slot Cutting Sheet thickness / with of slot mm 2.5/8 4/10 5 / 10
Louver Cutting Sheet thickness mm 2.25 3 4
Beading Sheet thickness / depth of bead mm 2/4 2.5/5 3/6
Folding Sheet thickness / depth of fold mm 2/6 2.5/8 3/10
Flanging Sheet thickness / height of flange mm 2/8 3/12 3/15
Punching Sheet thickness mm 1.5 2.5 3.0
Circle Cutting Outside / Inside Sheet thickness mm 2 3 5